Start off your 2018 with a BANG!


Yes!! Excited to have you part of the Facebook live event!

To explain a little more here-- have you ever thought about how many opportunities you're missing by having a subpar resume? Or have you never felt that 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper truly represented you OR your skills and experience.  Now that you're here let's agree on one thing-- to NOT let this happen in 2018. 

In the 60-Min training I'll be providing you with the goodies and inside knowledge former recruiter and hiring manager.  We will be diving into what makes a resume stand out (hint non standard formatting), mastering the 4 keys areas every STELLAR resume, and optimizing on what I call "Q to the Power of 2". 

And for a little bonus if you make it to the end of the Facebook Live video, I will be providing FREE resume consultation.  I mean I can't leave you out there without everything we brainstormed right!?!? 

This Resume Revision consultation usually runs for $97 but on the Facebook Live it will be only $29! *cue the infomercial music* But seriously, this is your opportunity to start taking ACTION to the career of your dreams! So if you're feeling like this is it and you want to start your career off on an intentional foot in 2018 -- click below. Once completed, you'll be instantly emailed a link to a private Facebook Group where you and all of us super awesome resume peeps will be hanging out. If you've read this far.... what are you waiting for!? The new 2018 resume is only a click away--- see you soon!