Are you done feeling helpless, overwhelmed and stuck in your current situation? 

Have you lost your purpose somewhere between college and your 9 to 5?

The path you’re on is not the only option.  

It’s rare that someone happens to stumble on the page of a career coach. Something brought you here.

You’re either feeling confused and stagnant with your life, stuck in a job that’s numbingly unfulfilling or looking at your superiors and thinking “I do not want to be them in X years”.

Or how about all of the above?

My name is Phillip Migyanko (pronounced ME -YANK - O) and trust me – I’ve been there. More than once, actually. By the strength of my own determination and will, I managed to wrench my life off the course it was inevitably heading down – and saved myself from a life of missed opportunity, wasted potential and ‘what ifs’.

Sounds great, right? Well, not everyone is capable of doing this. In fact so many people follow the safe ‘life blueprint’ straight into a hole of regrets so often that the ‘mid-life crisis’ has become a cliché.

Sometimes the dream job you knew you were always meant for doesn’t just fall out of the sky.

Sometimes things just don’t ‘sort themselves out’ on their own.

Sometimes you have to put yourself together, figure out what you want and charge after it with full steam.

But, you already know that don’t you? Because you’ve seen what doing nothing leads to. And that’s why you’re here.

Let me be the first to congratulate you on taking the first step to towards a more fulfilling life!

I’ll be straight with you – there’s still a long road ahead. And although you’ve made it this far, hiring a career coach may not be for you if:

·      You don’t have the desire to take part in deep self-reflection

·      You can’t, or won’t, put in the necessary work

·      You want a “quick fix” for your problems or a “get rich quick” scheme

·      You have a combative personality and don’t take criticisms or personal help well

For a lasting change to take place on the outside, shifts must occur from within you.

You must be accepting of change – not only in your psychical situation, but also in your behaviors and thought patterns – to gain the incredibly positive benefits of working with a career coach.

If you’re ready to discover and cultivate the powerful tools already within you, create brand new ones and forge the life you’ve always dreamed of – then you’re in the right place.

Through my coaching, you’ll receive:

·      Practical and honest advice – I’ll tell it to you like it is, no over-hyped fluff or false promises

·      The knowledge I’ve gained from my lifetime of experiences

·      My personal “method” of experimentation and curiosity

·      Job hunting and interview skills straight from a recruiter and HR pro, tried and tested for you

·      A positive and energetic cheerleader who’s completely on your side (just without the pom-poms)

·      Tough love for the hard times – whatever you need to get your ass in gear and blast through your obstacles

·      A guy who’s fiercely passionate about inspiring your personal growth and nurturing your potential


Are you ready to get this thing started?

Check out the packages that I offer Here


1:1 Personal Coaching

Perhaps you need a guide to clarify and get you out of that rut.  And an accountability partners that will work with you to make a personal plan to make you dream career happen.  

8-week Intensive Course

For individuals looking to design their careers.  Find the sweet spot between passion, paycheck and skillset NOW.  Take your career to the to the next level with powerful weekly coaching and customized exercises to get you fast tracked to career bliss.