You’ve already taken the first step. Ready for the next?


Hey, I’m Phillip Migyanko, the guy who’s been exactly where you are right now. Don’t believe me? Let’s play a little game – I’ll throw out some random questions, and you tell me if any hit home:

·      Are you stuck between a job you hate and a fear of the Risky Unknown that comes with quitting?

·      Do you feel like you have more to offer the world than what you’re doing now?

·      Is the fear of change paralyzing you from taking action?

·      Are you ready to do something – but completely lost on what to do?

Ok, so the questions weren’t so ‘random’ after all. But I have your attention now, don’t I?


Good – because I’m here to help you find your purpose and land the job you were born on this Earth to do.


Yeah, I’ve been there. I received the same Life Roadmap from society as everyone else, and followed it diligently. Graduate high school? Check. Go to a great college and get awesome grades? Check. Get a stable job? Check again.

It was something I told myself I’d never do but… well, I had a duty to my family and it seemed like the Proper Path To Take. So, I moved back home and took over the family business.


And the job was trash…. Literally.


Our business was in the waste management industry. But it was something familiar and comfortable, something I grew up with and knew how to do. There’s a lot to be said for hard work – even more so for the work no one else wants to do.

Some time went by and as I looked up from my sweaty, dirty labor to peek at the rest of the world, I noticed something: The people I had graduated with were traveling, finding their dream careers and forging a purpose for themselves.

What the Hell?!


Didn’t I do what society told me to do? I got good grades, I was involved, took up the family business – I checked all the boxes and became the ideal product of the Life Roadmap.


So why wasn’t I happy and fulfilled like my old classmates?


This realization was a punch to the gut. I wasn’t living – just existing.


My life was passing me by and the potential I knew I had was being wasted on actual trash. I hit an all-time low. Fueled by a sense of betrayal by the societal system I was so loyal to, a rebellious struggle for meaning began.

Humility, perseverance and a supportive gang of friends helped to lift me from my depressed state. Taking the advice of the great Tony Robbins, I started focusing on what I had and being grateful for it. And what I had was the power to change my life, plus the ferocious will to do so.

With no job, no connections and only half a clue of what I was doing, I moved across the country to Austin, Texas. Thrown into the fire, I had to develop skills in networking, job hunting and selling my worth (or starve).

Hell yes, I discovered I could swim when thrown into the deep end - and landed a killer job with great pay, working for someone I admired!

That’s not the end of the story though…

Life had a much bigger lesson to teach me. It came in that familiar form of total misery… My ‘great job’ evolved into monotonous cold calling and recruiting. As the spiffy new job novelty wore off, I felt zero satisfaction from it. And so, I went from literal garbage to metaphorical trash…

So if not this – than what? What the Hell was I good at?

I had come too far – and conquered too much – to land right back where I started…

It took a calculated, methodical and highly reflective approach to figure it out. I had the strength and willpower to push myself into making a change, the ability to get out of my own way, the skills and experiences I acquired along my journey…and then I realized something kinda awesome.

I was living my passion all along.

It was the seeking, the growing, the pushing and the doing that filled my soul with fire. Not the job itself, but the thrill of the hunt. And I was damn good at it.


Energized by this realization, I began helping those around me by providing value that was unique to me: the worldly experiences, skills and network I’ve developed along my journey.


When those I’d helped started to find clarity in their career paths, gain confidence in their unique strengths and kill the job hunt – I knew it was time to take this new path seriously.


I shuffled around my savings and hired my own career coach to help me navigate this new, exciting territory. What I learned from her compounded and multiplied the strength and knowledge I already had – propelling the launch of my new career faster than I imagined.

And the best part?

That heavy feeling of misery and wasted potential is nowhere in sight.

My Passion Is Helping You Achieve Your Passion

Here’s the next step: Check out the packages I offer and consider the option that suits you best.

The tools to start rocking your life are within reach, but it takes your own willingness to get there.